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The last weeks have been pretty intense and fun. I kept on going with archery and I really enjoy it so far, the first time I practiced it was last month and I really like it now, I’m not great at it but I’ll get better.
One of my host brothers went back to his country and the house felt weird without him here. Saying goodbye to all the students that were going home wasn’t a very fun thing to do. That makes me wonder how it will be to say goodbye to students who will stay for 3 months, then for the ones who are staying 6 months and then when it comes my turn to say goodbye and leave. The year is going by really fast, it has been almost two months since I got here and I didn’t even notice it. Dear year, would you please slow down? Thank you!
I participated in the Pumpkin Regatta last week and it was one of the best experiences I’ve had so far. So, the Pumpkin Regatta is a race where people get giant pumpkins, decorate them and then go to the lake and try to cross it racing each other in the pumpkins using them as boats. I was one of the people inside a pumpkin and it was awesome! It’s pretty difficult to get used to it once you’re in the water, finding your balance is not that easy. I did not win the race but I made it across the lake and that was victory enough for me.
It’s the middle of October now and my expectations are all in Halloween, I can’t wait for that to come!
I just love what I’ve experienced so far, Nova Scotia is great. Everyone should get the chance to come here at least once!

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First Weeks' Pictures


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First Weeks

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Hey guys!!

My name is Alexander Fraga, I'm 17 years old and I'm from Brazil. I'm here to talk about what I have experienced in these first weeks in Canada.
As a person who has left his country for the first time I can say that the idea of being far away from home in a completely different place is pretty scary, but we can't let that back us down because everything gets better and better as days go by.
In these three weeks I have done a lot of things like rafting, canoeing, ice skating, archery and hiking. When I first got here I went to the Foreign Correspondents Camp. In the same campus there were also the ESL camp and the Ambassadors Camp. I got to meet a lot of different people from a lot of different places and I loved it. During camp was when I got to go rafting and ice skating.
After the camp we were picked up by our host families. I won't lie, I was really nervous to meet my host parents, after all they were people I didn't knew and I'll live with them for a year. All that anxiety went away in the first 5 minutes of conversation. My host family is so sweet, that makes thing really easy. The family consists of the host parents, a host grandmother, a host cousin and two host brothers (the house is big). My host brothers are also international students, one from Japan and the other from Turkey. All the people in the host family are very nice.
One week after that, school started. It was also very good because the people are friendly, the teacher are great and the school offers you so many possibilities of activities to join which makes it way better than it already is. After one week of class all the international students from the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board went camping. That was great! I could meet more people from different countries and learn about their culture. In this camp we went canoeing, hiking, practiced archery and learned how to build a fire, which was pretty awesome!
The experience has been great so far and I could find out that adaptation was easier than I expected.

This is what I have for today's post. I'll be uploading pictures to the blog too. Hope you guys enjoyed it! See ya. :)

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